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Father Tony Stubeda

                                                               Attaining What You Desire
In high school I began working at J. C. Penney in Litchfield. I worked 20 hours a week most of the year and during the Christmas season I worked quite a bit more. I was paid the federal minimum wage of $2.10 an hour, and I thought I was rich. One winter my parents mentioned that they would really like to have a new upholstered rocking chair for the den. I explored the possibilities with a local furniture store, picked out a chair and put it on the lay away program. Each week for the next six months I went in to the store to make my payment, and on Christmas Eve the store delivered the chair to my parentsí home. They were amazed that I had managed to get the chair, and the whole family enjoyed it for many years to come. My parents were surprised that a random comment on their part had set a whole plan in motion. They were amazed that I had been able to keep it secret for so long, and that I had figured out how to get them this surprise.

In todayís Gospel it could appear that Jesus is approving of the dishonest stewardís thievery and dishonesty. He seems to be saying that what the dishonest steward did was good. With a more careful reading, I think that Jesus is telling us something quite different. The key phrase in understanding Jesus message is in this sentence, ďFor the children of this world are more prudent in dealing with their own generation than are the children of light.Ē The dishonest steward clearly sees where his actions are leading. He is unwilling to suffer the consequences of his dishonesty, and he formulates a plan to protect himself from them. What Jesus is counseling us is to know what we want, where we want to be, and to plan, struggle and work to get there.

In our journey through life we fix our eyes on the Lord and try to follow him. It may not always be clear how we will accomplish our part of the mission of Jesus, but we are called to think carefully, plan diligently and work tirelessly to remain on the path of the Lord. We are not called to be innocently naÔve in a complex world, but to live wisely among the things of this world. We are commissioned to find ways to accomplish the Lordís work in a world that does not always accept and endorse Godís vision for the world and our lives. Amidst the noise, commotion and distractions of our lives, we attune our ears to the Lordís call. In the rush of daily life we open our hearts to Godís love, and amidst the myriad of attractive treasures the world offers we fix our attention of the treasures of life in Christ, and the joys eternal life in the presence of our God.