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Fr. Tony Stubeda

Father Tony Stubeda

                                                                              Real Food
As you might guess my eating habits are far from healthy. The busier my schedule gets the more likely it is that I eat junk food, a sandwich I can put together in just a couple of minutes or whatever is quickest, easiest and at hand. For years I have been making supper when I get home at the end of my day, which lately tends to be betweeen 9:00 and 10:00 p.m. At that hour I just grab whatever is in the refrigerator and make a meal of it. Every once in a while I try to cook some decent food that will last several days. As we would say in our family once in a while I would like some real food, real meals eaten at a table. Even my unhealthy habits are challenged by my bodyís desire for healthy, balanced and well-prepared meals.

Today we celebrate the Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ. We take time to contemplate and celebrate the feast that stands at the center of our life as a Church. We pause to give thanks to God for the food that nourishes our lives and ministry and the drink that fills us with new life. We marvel at the mystery of the simple gifts of bread and wine becoming the body and blood of Christ. In a world that offers us many temporary solutions to the hunger in our souls, the Lord invites us to the banquet that will fill us with life, calm our longing and nourish us with hope. This is the celebration of the real bread come down from heaven.

The Eucharist that we share, as St. Paul reminds us, unites us to the Lord. In the reception of holy Communion we bind ourselves, our efforts, our hopes and dreams to Jesusí mission and being. In receiving the body and blood of Christ we are transformed into the living body of Christ in the world. We become the living and active presence of the Lord through this sharing in the Eucharist.

As we unite ourselves to Christ, we are bound to one another. In Christ we form one body, one spirit, one holy people dedicated to service in Jesusí name. We share in the proclamation of the Good News of salvation, the love of Christ and the power of God in our lives. We reach out to each other in service, not out of some vague generosity of spirit, but in the very Spirit of the God who loves and unites us. In caring for those around us we are caring for the Body of Christ formed in the Eucharist. In our self-sacrifice we witness to the God who gave his only begotten Son to us for our salvation. We become what we have received.

Let us give thanks to God for the gift of the Eucharist, for the outpouring of his grace and goodness in this great celebration. May we be filled with the presence of Christ, be transformed by his generous sacrifice and become the Body and Blood of Christ in the world.