From the Desk 
of Fr. Tony...
Fr. Tony Stubeda

Father Tony Stubeda
On summer Sunday evenings my parents would often take us for a drive around Lake Ripley on
the edge of town. We would look at the water and the houses, make up ghost stories about the
abandoned home on the south shore of the lake and let the cool
breeze blow on us through the open windows. As a special treat we
would sometimes stop at the Dairy Queen before going home. When
we drove straight at the first stop light we knew we were going to get
a treat. In our minds we would start trying to decide what we would
ask for. Sundaes, shakes and banana splits would start dancing
through our minds. We would arrive at the Dairy Queen, my father
would turn around and say, “Do you want a small chocolate or a
small vanilla cone, and the illusions would disappear. My father
limited the choices, and so there wasn’t much of a decision to be
made. Since this bulletin covers two weeks and we also celebrate the
Solemnity of the Assumption during this time, I had more than the
normal options about what to write, and true to my nature, I have been struggling to decide. As
my father knew so many years ago, too many options makes choosing difficult.

In the sections of Luke’s Gospel that we are hearing these Sundays, Jesus is trying to help his
disciples understand what it means to follow him. He reminds us that he is leading us into the
Kingdom of God. Our destination is to live our lives in the presence of our loving Father. We
hope one day to follow our mother Mary into the eternal Kingdom of God’s love. The difficulty
is figuring out how we get there.

The first week’s Gospel reminds us that once we set our hearts on following the Lord, and turn
away from the temptations and attractions of the things that surround us, we are to occupy our
time and our hearts in serving the Lord. As we go through our daily lives we are reminded that
what we do, what we say and what we accomplish are done in and for the Lord. Our lives
become witnesses to the grandeur and glory of God. While we do not know when we will enter,
or when the Lord will complete his work and definitively establish his Kingdom, we do know
that if we strive to serve him and to faithfully share in his ministry we will be ready to enter
when he calls us. The second week’s Gospel warns us that sometimes following the Lord will
separate us from the world around us. If we keep our eyes fixed on him, we will be guided in
making the right choices, and arrive safely and joyfully at our eternal destination.