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Fr. Tony Stubeda

Father Tony Stubeda

                                              Restlessness in Service of Lord
A very rare thing happened this week. You will notice in today’s bulletin that the Diocese of New Ulm Presbytery Day, the annual business meeting of the priests of the diocese, is once again on the week at a glance. You will be tempted to think that we made a mistake and forgot to take it off the calendar, but you would be wrong. The strange occurrence was that I and the other two priests all had the wrong date for meeting on our calendar. It is not that strange of an occurrence for one or the other of us to have a date mixed up, but that all three of us made the same mistake is quite unusual. It is sometimes hard for me to keep things straight in my mind. With three parishes, dozens of meetings and a variable Mass schedule, I am surprised that I am not in the wrong place at the wrong time more often. As I reflect on our daily travels from parish to parish, church to church, meeting to meeting, I think that we are somewhat like St. Paul, who through most of the Book of the Acts of the Apostles hurries from place to place in service of the Lord and the building up of the Church.

In today’s first reading we find St. Paul and St. Barnabas visiting at least 10 cities, some of them more than once. At each stop, they recount what God has been accomplishing through their ministry, how the people have been coming to know the Lord, and organizing the local Churches to carry on the proclamation of Christ and the celebration of the sacraments. They share their experiences, rejoice in their successes, support each other in their suffering and commend themselves to the care and power of God. The restlessness and movement of the Church in these early days can become a model and example for us.

We have been extremely busy since the middle of April. We celebrated Holy Week and Easter with joy and style, moved directly into the celebration of Divine Mercy Sunday, then we celebrate three of the four First Communions in our area faith community the weekend after that. Last weekend we pleaded with God for vocations, celebrated our mothers and congratulated our graduates. This weekend we celebrate the graduation of our seniors and continue to look ahead to the end of school, summer activities and planning for next year. Like St. Paul we move from place to place, proclaiming the good work God is accomplishing in us, sharing our experiences, rejoicing in our successes, supporting each other in our struggles and commending ourselves to the care and power of God. We are truly a restless and rejoicing Church. May the Lord bless us as we continue to proclaim the risen Lord.