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Fr. Tony Stubeda

Father Tony Stubeda

                                                  I Cannot See the Way
Last Saturday’s trip to Silver Lake was not a pleasant experience. It started with brushing my car off. I always brush off the top and back of the car first, and then the front. By the time I got done brushing off the front, I had to do the back again, and then the front was covered in snow again. I finally just gave up and started off. The real challenge began when I drove past the ambulance garage and out of town. The snow was coming down fast, the wind was blowing like crazy, and I was the first one to drive on the road, and so there were no tracks to follow. I found the edges of my lane by using the rumble strips and kept going. As you all know you take County Road 2 straight to Silver Lake, but the road is only straight for about a tenth of the way. I carefully made my way to Mass, but when it counts I can never remember which curve I was on. I began to wonder if I would ever get to Silver Lake, when the tombstones of the cemetery showed up on my right and the lake on my left. I repeated the same process on my way back to Glencoe for Mass, except that some anonymous Good Samaritan had brushed my car off for me. As we enter into the spirit of the season of Advent, our spiritual lives can seem like my journey to Silver Lake in the snow. We decide to get moving, do everything we can to be ready, and start out, but before long we are not sure if we are on the right path.

This season calls us to be ready to receive the Lord when he comes, and in our anxious waiting we want to rush out to meet him. As we begin our Advent pilgrimage we may soon find that we cannot find the road to the Lord, and that the path is hard to discern. We can become easily discouraged and wonder if we are on the road at all. It is in this precise moment of confusion in the cold and doubt in the dark that the prophet Baruch and John the Baptist raise their voices to speak into the vast cold darkness, and to remind us that God is rushing toward us. His voice commands all of creation to create a highway to his heart. His footsteps create a clear path for us, and he is prepared to find us, to guide us and to lift us in his arms and carry us home. No matter what we may think, we are not lost, not veering off the path, not wandering aimlessly in the cold darkness of winter. Rather, we are on pilgrimage to the Lord, and he, himself, will build a highway in the wilderness of our lives that leads directly and relentlessly to our finding refuge in the warm and saving embrace of the salvation God has planned for us. Do not grow discouraged. Do not grow weary. Do not give up, but simply keep going and God will guide you to home.